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Download, Install and Sign in to the Driver App
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In this article, we will cover how to use the Gomove Driver App.

Signing up

Access to the Gomove Driver mobile app is by invitation only. The admin or the dispatcher can add you to their team, only then can you join the party.

A company that uses Gomove must first add you as a driver before you can log in. Contact your dispatcher or employee to receive the invitation.

Gomove Driver App

Once you have been invited by your organization to join Gomove, you will receive an invitation link via SMS to link your driver account to your organization. The SMS will contain a link to download the Gomove Driver app from the app store.

Gomove - Agent onboarding SMS

Tap the link to be taken to the iPhone App Store or the Google Play Store page where you may download the Gomove Driver app.

You will be asked to create your account. As soon you have downloaded the app and created your account, you can start getting tasks assigned to you.

You should successfully be logged in and see the standard off-duty screen.

Congratulations on creating your driver account!

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