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What is a task and how to create one.
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This article will cover the following topics;

Create a task manually

Quick reminder; A task can represent a pickup or delivery work performed at a destination, some examples of a task can include;

  • The drop-off of a couch to your customers (1 task)

  • The pick-up of a food order from your restaurant location (1 task)

  • The pick-up of a return from your customer (1 task)

The simplest way to create a task is by clicking the + Create button in the right sidebar (top of your screen).

The create task window will appear in your sidebar with the required fields.

Customer details

  • Recipient first name and last name (Being the name of your customer)

  • Phone (this is where the automated SMS will be sent)

  • Email (this is where the proof of delivery will be sent)

  • Destination Address (Where the work is to be performed)

  • Apt. Bld (If needed)

Order details

The next section is dedicated to the task or work to be performed. First thing is to select the type of work to be performed. You can choose between the following;

  • Pickup

  • Dropoff

  • Dropoff & install

  • Return

  • Exchange

These tags are very useful for a number of reasons. For example, you can set the custom task duration of a Dropoff to be 5 minutes, while a Dropoff & Install is 50 min.

See this article for more information on these tags and what each of them does!

There's also a description box if you need to add instructions for your delivery team. Anything you write here will be visible to your team on the driver application.

If your team is doing an installation with their delivery, you can use the + Add doc to add the installation manual, pictures, or videos. The tutorial add-on must be activated to use this feature.

Time of the delivery

In the final section, you need to select a date for the delivery. By default, the current date is selected. Then you need to choose if the delivery should be done in a time window, such as before 8:00 am - 6:00 pm, or if you require a specific time for this delivery.

By default, the After-Before time is set according to your organization's settings.

See this article to set these to your need.

If you leave the Scheduled time empty, the After-Before time will prevail.

The time range for delivery and the task duration are used when optimizing your route. See this article on how then optimization works.

By default, the Task duration is set according to your organization's settings.

See this article to set these to your need.

When you are done, click on Create Task!

It will appear on your map and in your sidebar.

Gomove - Dashboard - Create Task - time details

Edit, clone, or delete a task

Change the task status

Alright, you now know how to create manually your tasks!

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