We've created this 'Getting Started' guide to help you set up your admin account and then build on the basics.

Create your admin account

Let's start by heading to the Gomove dashboard page where all the magic happens. Here is the link to your dashboard: www.control.gomove.ai

Click on the 'Sign-Up' button to create your admin account.

Gomove - Getting Started - Log in

Admin information

Here you can enter the required information in order to create your account.

Gomove - Getting Started - Register

You will need to enter;

  • Name and last name of the admin account holder

  • Phone number of the account holder

  • Work email of the account holder

  • Create a password for the admin account

Click 'Continue' to move forward with the registration process.

Company information

Next up, we required the country where your operations are taking place. We ask the industry and the volume of your activity to provide you with a tailored experience.

Gomove - Getting Started - Register info

Payment method

Last but not least, you will need to provide a credit card as a payment method.

All payment information is stored securely, here is an article covering this in detail!

Your card won’t be charged at this point, you will be prompt to choose a plan and confirm your subscription type. This is simply to identify the admin and complete the registration process.

Gomove - Getting Started - Register card

Your Gomove admin account is now set up and you're now ready to provide world-class delivery services at scale!

Notes: If you think of using this software yourself, without adding a dispatcher to your team, have a look at the Disptacher's onboarding. You will learn how to create tasks and manage your drivers.

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