The dashboard menu
A description of all the dashboard menu tabs.
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In this article, we will cover the various menu tabs in the left menu. Here is the list if you need to jump to the relevant section;

The dashboard menu

In this article, we will go through each of the menu tabs.

If you need more information, each section will be linked to an in-depth article covering the specific tabs.

Alright, so the left menu is composed of support functions to help you in your daily operations.


The control menu is where your daily operations are supervised and managed.

Business Builder

The business builder menu is our marketplace! In it, you will find lots of functionality adapted to the various sectors of the last mile.

You can add features and modules to your organization no matter what plan you chose, all features are available at all times.

Some features are built for large-item delivery (Furniture & Appliances), others are built specifically for the food industry. Have a look!


Here you can manage all your company’s relationships and interactions with customers.

You can add individual customers and even import an already existing customer list. You will have access to their profile, information, and history.

Any review left, ticket opened or activity will be shown in your customer's profile.


On this page, you can manage your agents (drivers) and your teams.


Here you will find all analytics needed to harness and structure your data to find insight and enable intelligence. Depending on your plan, you will find information on all sorts of data points such as success rates, on-time rates, service times, feedback scores, distance traveled, and more.

If you activate the relevant features in Business Builder, you can analyze and compare your data to those of your peers in your industry with our benchmark KPIs.

Moreover, we will automatically suggest areas of improvement in order to meet your key performance indicators. and suggest recommendations to your team in order to improve your processes.


The best menu in my opinion :)

Here is where you can fully customize your experience with us and what your customers will see! Here are some of the settings to play with;

  • Company information

  • Hub management

  • Billing, plan subscription & payment methods

  • All route optimization settings

  • Communication with Users

  • Customer experience

  • API Keys


If you do not see this menu, you haven't activated it in Business Builder.

On this page, you can upload your installation manuals, pictures, and videos to

help your team ace their installations. Gomove driver mobile application comes with a tutorial section accessible at all times through the mobile app if your team has difficulty with a product installation.


If you do not see this menu, you haven't activated it in Business Builder.

If you are a 3PL (Third-Party Logistic) then you know that retailers trust you with their logistics and fulfillment business. In this menu, you can manage your various merchants to ensure success across your entire customer base.

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