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Understanding the Gomove dashboard.
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This article covers:

The Map

The map allows you to visualize your entire operations. Tasks are displayed as map markers ("pins"). Drivers, when on-duty, are displayed as a circle with a subtle blue flashing animation.

You can zoom in and out the map using your mouse scroller.

The filters

If you look at the bottom left of the map view, you will find the filters allowing you to specify exactly what you want to see on the map and in your sidebar. For example, you can show only 'On going' tasks, using the Status filter.

Here is a complete article on the filters.

The Sidebar

The sidebar displays your tasks and your missions in an organized list. It also allows you to filter the date for which you want to see your task and most importantly, this is where you create your task. If you want to understand how to create tasks and missions head to this article!

First, we need to understand the difference between a task and a mission.

Task: A task, is one simple unit of work. It can be a pick-up in a warehouse, or it could be a drop-off at a customer's destination.

Mission: A mission is a group of tasks that you combined together. Some call these routes, but we call them missions!

Sidebar sections

  1. Unassigned: Your tasks and missions appear in the top unassigned section until they are assigned.

  2. Assigned: Your tasks and missions appear in the assigned section only when a driver has been assigned to it. Drivers and teams appear in the top right of the mission cards.

  3. Completed: Your tasks and missions appear in the completed section only when they are fully completed. Even if a task is failed, it is completed.

The mission cards

When combining tasks together, you create a mission. The mission card as shown below helps you see at a glance the relevant information you need for the day.

The information available on these cards informs you of the number of tasks to be done, the time it will take to do them if there are product installations to be done, the vehicle capacity required to do this mission, the total distance, and finally, the driver and team assigned for this mission.

Performing action on a mission

You can perform actions on a mission simply by right-clicking on the mission card and choosing the desired action.

Performing action on a task

Double Clicking on a mission card will expand the mission and show you all the individual tasks. You can perform actions on a task simply by right-clicking on the task and choosing the desired action.

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