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Important: Before being able to create a dispatcher account, your organization's administrator must add you as a dispatcher and send an invitation.

Please read this article on how to add and invite dispatchers to your organization.

If you did this already, here is how to accept the invitation from the dispatcher's perspective!

Accepting your Dispatcher Invitation

Once your organization's administrator has added you as a dispatcher, you will receive an email to accept the invitation and create your Gomove dispatcher account. You will need to use the same email in which you received the invitation to create your account.

From the email, click on the "Create account" button.

Gomove - Teams - Dispatcher - Email invitation

Once you have selected "Created Account" you will be redirected to the Gomove dashboard in order to create your account.

Creating your Dispatcher account

Enter the required information and click on 'Continue'.

Gomove - Teams - Dispatcher - Create account

Congratulations, you've created your dispatcher account!

Notes: Dispatchers can be designated as Read-Only users. While the dashboard appearance will not change, dispatchers with the Read-Only permission will not be able to add, update, or delete drivers and tasks.

See with your administrator if you need more access.

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