Recipient Communication Settings

In order, for an admin, to set up and customize all tracking link pages, forms, and checklists that can be sent to a recipient, head to the Settings menu. In this menu, click on the Customer Experience tab. From there, head to the Communication section.

Note: At this point in time, only the English language is supported.

Recipient Communication Settings

What can be customized?

Tracking link page: Choose what your customers will see on the driver tracking page. Customize it fully to your brand and business and remove the Gomove watermark.

Add a landing page: Once your delivery team has done the job and the landing page is no longer required, choose where the recipient is redirected from the landing page. This can be your website or promotion that you may have.

Send proof of delivery: Once your delivery team has done the job and the trigger task completed is activated, choose what your recipient receives as proof of delivery. It could be a before and after picture set, his signature, timestamps, or the complete package!

Note: By toggling on/off the switches, you will deactivate the automated features.

How can it be customized?

By clicking the Blue text located right of the features, you can customize what your customer will see and the content of each message.

Recipient Communication Settings - Edit


When customizing your content, you can use Tags. These are variables that are replaced with text at the time the message is sent. Here are the various tags we currently hold;

  • Recipient Name - {recipientName} - The name of the recipient for this task

  • Driver Name - {driverName} - The driver assigned to this task

  • ETA - {eta} - The estimated time of arrival for the driver to reach the recipient

  • Driver Phone number - {driverPhone} - The driver's phone number

  • Task ID - {taskShortId} - The Task ID, as seen from the Gomove dashboard

  • Address (Short) - {destinationAddressShort} - The recipient's street address (without city, state, or zipcode)

  • Tracking Link - {trackLink} - a link that the recipient can click on to track the driver's location in real-time

  • Organization Name - {orgName} - The name of your organization

  • Merchant Name - {merchantName} - The name of the merchant that created this task

Removing an automated feature

These features can be individually removed by toggling on/off the switches.

Recipient Communication Settings - OnOff

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