In this article, you will learn about the add-ons available to customize the features and functionality of your organization.

Regardless of your plan, all add-ons in the marketplace are available to your organization.

If you toggle the switch and activate an add-on, it will be automatically be added to your organization and you will be charged on your monthly plan accordingly.

Some add-ons are included with your plan, for example, the route optimization add-on is included with professional and higher.

Available add-ons

Mission optimization

Our best-in-class route optimization feature helps you find the best possible routes for every single delivery. We consider all sorts of factors including your drivers’ location, the time windows set by your customers, traffic data and so much more!

We make sure never to exceed the capacity of your vehicles, satisfying even the most stringent needs when it comes to deliveries.

Responsibility discharge form

We’ve all seen narrow sets of staircases where the risk of damaging the property is inevitable. If your customer insists on having the product up the stairs anyway, send them a responsibility discharge form that will protect you against any claims.

The form will be added to the proof of delivery and kept in your dashboard.

Pictures before the delivery

Your team is aware of a pre-existing scratch on the floor, have them take pictures before the delivery. All pictures are stored automatically in your dashboard for easy access.

These pictures will be added to the proof of delivery and sent to your customer.

Order preparation

To avoid mistakes during order preparation, a simple checklist process will guide your team during this crucial step.

Create your custom checklist with the product numbers and purchase orders and be sure all orders are complete with the right products everytime.

Print your own labels and stick them to your boxes to avoid errors.

Product installation tutorial

Expect your delivery team to be experts when it comes to installation. With each order, your delivery team will have a tutorial and product installation manual available from within their driver's app.

You choose what to show them, it could be manuals, videos, pictures or short tutorials. Upload all of these directly from your dashboard.

Separating the Delivery Team from the Installation Team

How much more deliveries could you achieve per day if they could only focus on delivering, not installing. Now imagine having a team focusing only on installations and how they would be productive?

Here is the basic concept;

When you create a task and select the installation status, this feature will assign the delivery task to your delivery team and create a copy of the task for your installation team. When the delivery team is on it’s way to delivering, a notification is sent to the installation team for them to reach the location and start their work.

Upcoming add-ons

Driver chat

Enable the Gomove Chat add-on to use our internal chat platform for Dispatcher to Dispatcher and Dispatcher to Driver communication without leaving the Gomove app.

Gomove Chat is included with the Professional, Premium, and Enterprise plans.

Returns and reverse-logistics

Understand and manage your product returns effectively.

Proactively, the software will match the pick-up with a return location of your choice, ensuring proof of returns such as pictures are kept in the system for you to access if needed.

Retroactively, at the end of each week, our software generates a report informing you on the number of returns, their estimated costs, the main reasons for the returns, and most importantly which products are causing these returns.

You can then improve your products and lead data-driven discussions with your suppliers.

Automated invoicing, simplify your complex billing

Whether your billing model is on a per-hour or per-stop basis, create your own plans based on your pricing model and region-specific elements.

It’s common practice to have a third party as your logistics partner and we found that the best way to stay on top of your finances is to generate yourself their invoice.

Never miss a single detail, a single minute, or a single delivery. Build your plan, enter your logistics partner information and as soon as an order is completed by them, an invoice starts being populated.

Weather forecasting

All retailers recognize the effect and impact of weather as it can cause ripple effects when ignored. Having an advanced weather forecasting tool, will help you better plan routes, respect your delivery times, and improve your overall customer satisfaction.

Different parts of the world have to deal with different problems, whether you are facing snow and ice, tropical storms, or bushfires, understanding the weather forecast will allow you to deliver in. It is important to balance the safety of your employees while providing the best service to your customers.

With our weather forecasting, suggestions will be given to plan your routes and reduce the number of deliveries when needed. Automated SMS is sent to your customers informing them of the weather forecast that may cause a delay.

Lean Logistics - Data-based Decision Making

Gomove is so much more than just a weekly newsletter with stats in it.

We’ve developed lean that helps companies harness and structure the value of their data to find insight and enable intelligence.


Easily measure and visualize all sorts of data points such as success rates, on-time rates, service times, feedback scores, distance traveled, and more.


Analyze and compare your data to those of your peers in your industry with our benchmark KPIs. Over the years, we’ve gathered intelligence, how do you compare to it?


Based on your data, we will automatically suggest areas of improvement in order to meet your key performance indicators.

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