Alright, ready to add a driver? Follow along to understand how it all works!

To simplify this article, we will refer to anyone performing a delivery, driving a vehicle, or doing an installation as an agent. Someone that is performing the work of your organization.

This article will cover the following;

Adding an Agent

To add an agent, log into your Gomove administrator account, some dispatcher accounts have the ability to add agents if you have given them the right to do so.

Head to your Teams menu➞Agent tab from the left panel of the dashboard to access the Agent list. Click the + Add Agent button in the top-right corner of your screen.

Create and add a driver to your organization

Fill in the mandatory information;

  • Name: This should be the driver's first name.

  • Last Name: This should be the driver's last name.

  • Phone Number: This will be the phone number the driver uses to log into their Gomove driver app and will be used to send and receive messages and phone calls.

  • Teams: A driver must be assigned to a team. Adding a driver to a team will allow that team's dispatcher(s) to assign tasks to that driver and see the driver's location and status while on duty.

When completed, click on ‘Let’s go’!

When a driver is created, they receive an invitation link via SMS to link their account to your organization. The SMS will contain a link to download the Gomove Driver app.

Gomove - Agent onboarding SMS

As soon the driver downloads the application, creates an account, and accepts the invitation, you can start assigning tasks to them.

Edit or remove an Agent

To edit or to remove completely an agent, head to your Teams menu➞Agent tab from the left panel of the dashboard to access the Agent list. Click on the 3 blue dots on the right side of the screen, and choose to 'Edit' or 'Delete'.

Gomove - Teams - Agent - edit delete

In the Agent modal, you can now edit the relevant details.

Gomove - Teams - Agent - edit modal

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Congratulations, you've added your first agent!

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