What plans does Gomove offer?
Gomove offer's a free plan and multiple extensions to cover all your delivery needs.
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Whether you own a retail business or a multiple courier operation, Gomove has a way of helping you save time and make delivery easy.

This article will cover the following topics;

Gomove One - Free. Forever.

For businesses who want to start growing on day one and need to create and track routes for their drivers, we have a free forever plan!

Key Features

  • Create and allocate routes

  • Import spreadsheets

  • Live track route progress

  • Driver mobile application

  • Assign routes to drivers

  • Photo & signature proof of delivery

  • Customer profiles

Free includes up to 250 tasks per month, with 1 driver.


For businesses who need additional power and advanced tools for their daily operation, we got you covered with this extension which includes;

Key Features

  • Unlimited Tasks

  • Unlimited Drivers

  • Route Optimization

  • Vehicle Capacity Management

  • Task Linking

  • Media Library (for assembly tutorials)

  • Task History Report

  • Paper version of the Route

With so much power, let's show amazon who's the boss :)


For businesses who need an immersive and branded delivery experience for their clients, this extension is for you.

Key Features

  • SMS notifications and estimated time of arrival

  • Live tracking for your clients

  • Email notifications

  • Tracking page with your colors and logo

  • Web page for your promotion and Google Reviews

  • Full edit capabilities on SMS and Emails sent to your clients

  • Ratings and feedback

Offer your clients an additional reason to come back!


For businesses who want cutting-edge technology, to analyze and improve their delivery efficiency, check this out;

Key Features

  • Fully editable delivery confirmation form

  • Fully editable responsibility discharge form (for difficult deliveries)

  • Picture assessment feature to detect already existing damages

  • Driver's analysis tools for efficiency and behavior improvement

  • Unlimited access to all your delivery success rates, product return rate, etc.

  • Reverse-logistic module

  • Automatic billing for your drivers

  • Time-logging (punch)

Build your competitive advantage and defend your market position.

Payment option


Yearly payment are charged 12 months upfront but come with a 20% discount on monthly payments.


Monthly payments are charged on the 1st of each month. If you start your billing cycle on the 15th, you will be charged a pro-rating amount to move your next billing cycle to the 1st of each month. Any task overages used in the previous month will be added to your next payment. The same goes for credits that we may owe you!

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