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How is Gomove different than the other delivery management software solution?
How is Gomove different than the other delivery management software solution?
Like everybody else out there, we do route optimization, notifications, and real-time tracking, here's what we offer on top.
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We, at Gomove, deeply value our partnership with our customers. Our product was designed by answering your requests. Small business runs their daily operations in the Gomove environment for free. It is currently and will remain free forever.

When you are ready to add more power and scale your operations, we also have you covered with three feature-packed extensions. Each one of these extensions is focused on solving a problem.

In this article we'll cover;


The Operate extension is designed to give you all the resources to ace your deliveries, from Route Optimization, Vehicle Capacity Management and Task History Reports to allowing unlimited tasks and drivers, you are well equipped to never miss anything.


Simply put, businesses that successfully implement a customer experience strategy achieve higher customer satisfaction rates, reduced customer churn, and increased revenues. Ready to elevate your customer experience?


Our Innovate module will help you build your competitive advantage and defend your market position. This extension is packed with cutting-edge technology tools helping you analyze and improve your delivery efficiency!

Sneak Peek at some of our features

Legal protection from customer’s claims

Various features in Gomove will protect your company against customer damage claims due to your third party or your internal delivery team. Gomove allows you to create custom responsibility discharge consent to be sent to your customers in case of difficult deliveries. Our driver’s application also includes an assessment feature if the team noted damages that were already there at the customer’s house before delivering.

Order preparation modules

By providing simple and customizable checklists, your preparation team and delivery won’t miss an item anymore. We can create and print custom shipping labels for your products. Picture an all-in-one integrated solution looking not only at optimizing the delivery routes but also helping with preparing the orders of your customers.

Returns and reverse-logistics

Gomove also manages returns effectively. From an operation perspective, the software will handle the product return to the warehouse with pictures and location. From an improvement perspective, our software generates reports informing you of the number of returns, their estimated costs, the main reasons for the returns, and most importantly which products are causing these returns.

Continuous improvement

We’ve developed solutions that help companies harness and structure the value of their data to find insight and enable intelligence. Based on your data, we compare it to benchmark KPIs and suggest recommendations to your team in order to improve your processes. In the end, it’s all about reducing your costs and having a positive impact on your bottom line.

Product installation tutorials for your delivery team

Within the gomove driver mobile application, there's a tutorial section fully customizable for your product's needs and accessible at all times! You can upload your installation manuals, pictures, and videos to help your team ace their installations.

Driver’s behavior monitoring

Our driver's behavior module can monitor their ability to deliver on time, their ratings when dealing with customers, and help them with their product installation.


Our Current & Forecast weather data collection module allows for better planning in places where mother nature is not always predictable. This module helps your dispatcher with the route planning based on suggestions and alerts automatically your customers during their delivery if a delay might be encountered due to bad weather conditions.

Have a little more time?

Check out our Business Builder page on our Website, we'll show you exactly what we can do for your business!

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